4 Must See WordPress SMS Notification Plugins And Why You Should

wordpress sms plugin

WordPress SMS Plugin.

If you want to provide your blog readers or business partners with yet another means of communicating and connecting with your blog or website, you may want to consider adding sms WordPress notification functionality to your blog.

Everything You Need To Know

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Push notification will help enhance and improve your blog or business user experience (UX) and perhaps take your WordPress blog/site to the very next level.

There are a couple of ways to use sms plugin to connect with your blog readers and business associates

Benefits Of Using WordpPress SMS Plugin

  • You can let your blog readers subscribe to your blog via sms.
  • You can as well send notifications to yourself (admin) when there is a new comment on your blog.

Downside Of Using WordPress SMS Plugin

Despite the fact that WordPress sms notification is a good way of improving readers/customers engagement, however I want you to know this:

There is no way for a subscribed customer to opt out of your text list. This might not be convenient for your subscriber, especially if your contents does not add value to them.  But you can solve this problem by including a disclaimer or alternatively asking your subscribers who which to opt out to send you a mail.

However before installing any plugin on your blog, you should consider the following

  • It’s not advisable to have too many plugins on your blog as this will slow down your site performance.
  • If you must install a plugin, best practice is to check the plugins compatibility with your blog, you should also read user feedback’s and ratings and also check number of active installs.
wordpress sms plugin
wordpress sms plugin

Without wasting much of your time, below are 3(three) WordPress sms plugin you can use to enable sms WordPress notification.

  1. WordPress SMS Notification

This plugin lets your send sms to your subscribers. You can as well set it up to send you personalized notification when there is a new WordPress update. You can also send use it to send sms notification to your readers.

  1. WooCommerce – APG SMS Plugin

WooCommerce store sms lets you to send sms notification to you customers when new order status changes. You can also receive an sms when a new order is received

N/B This plugin requires WooCommerce  2.1.0 or higher.

  1. Joy Of Text Lite(JOT) SMS Plugin

This plugin allows you to send both voice messages and sms. It provides you with a way of connecting with your blog subscribers or customers. With JOT, you can schedule posts to be sent later


  1. TextMe SMS Plugin

Although not a very popular WordPress sms plugin, TextMe can also be used to send messages from your WordPress dashboard to your blog readers or subscribers.

The above WordPress sms plugins that I listed make it a lot easier for webmasters or even business owners to take proper advantage of using sms technology to grow their blog or business.


What is your opinion? do you think sending sms notification to our blog readers or business partners is a good idea? Let me know in the comment section…



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