How I Improved My Google Ranking With These 4 Easy Steps

google ranking

Google Ranking

I want to share with you today the exact strategies I discovered that could/will help you increase your Google ranking. 

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While this is true, however, I want to point out something. I carried out a review/research recently and I discovered that a lot of searches is made daily regarding this subject matter.

A lot of bloggers/webmasters are searching for an easy and fast way to improve their Google ranking doing little or nothing…

Well, I don’t know what you must have read but the truth is (in my opinion) there are a couple of things you need to get right.

So I want to correct this mentality in my own little way… So I advise you read this post to the very end.

Just like most of us already know, Google algorithm changes every now and then. So nobody is actually sure of Google ranking factors

However, SEO experts do predict this in the most possible accurate way. There are a couple of SEO experts and tools to help you achieve your desired goal of ranking high in SERPs. But the truth some of these experts do not tell you is that it doesn’t happen almost immediately and that it requires a bit of effort from you, especially On-Page Optimization. This is so because no matter how good your Off-Page Optimization is if your On-Page Optimization is not done properly, you won’t rank well.

Check out these case studies on SEO CLERKS below

website google ranking
See case study 1
google ranking
case study 2

It takes time and lots of promotion, social shares and signals, traffic as Big G always strive to give its users the best possible results. Truth is no one actually knows the exact formula but with a few practical steps, your blog will definitely rank high in due time.

So don’t expect to just randomly write an article without a focused keyword, unique content, backlinks and social signals and rank for it on the first page NO…

I will show you how I drive Facebook traffic to my blog and posts. So keep reading

Ok now back to the topic, before now I studied why certain websites or blogs are not found in the first to third or maybe even fourth page of Google and here are my findings

  • Improper or lack of keyword research or perhaps use of high and very competitive keywords
  • Underrated article/content
  • Lack of social signals
  • No promotion

Some of my posts can be found on Google’s first,  second or third page when users search for my targeted keywords( keywords like track own visits, WordPress SMS plugin, barter virtual cards) while some others are not.  My point here is, you don’t have to be perfect, the truth is you have to make mistakes to learn. There is actually no magic to increase your Google ranking other than following the practical steps that the gurus followed. Even with little quality backlinks some of my posts still gain a fraction of SERPs.

A lot of you have read about SEO and won’t implement what you learned. I didn’t just get the improvements on my Google ranking overnight, I simply followed the steps I’m about to reveal to you below.

Although I have written on the 5 powerful blogging tips to help you create and run a successful blog including how to drive social traffic to your blog. However, I decided to write on this topic to help you understand why your website ranking is poor and what you can do to improve it.

So here are my tips to help you improve your Google ranking

Carry Out A Proper Keyword Research:

I have written extensively on this topic keyword research using free google tools here.  However, I want to summarize it here. While there are paid options to help you achieve this, which tend to yield more fascinating and precise results, you can still make the most out of Google tools

While using the Google keyword planner, for instance, ensure you target/choose keywords with a good number of monthly search and relatively low competition. It’s important you carry out this task before you begin writing your blog post as this will help enhance your Google ranking.

Write Contents That People Will Naturally Love And Link To

This is another feature you need to consider like I stated earlier, improving your ranking high in SERPs isn’t something you can achieve in a relative short amount of time. Why? Good question…

Because your competitors are working even harder to remain in the top spot. So first step after your keyword research is to create appealing and informational contents and then drive traffic and social signals to speed up the process

Tip 1:  Write content that a lot of people want to read

Tip 2: Get the content in front of people that want to read it

Promote Your Post To Improve Google Ranking

You perhaps already know how important this feature is. You can write a blog post and very little people know about it. For this reason you do not expect to rank for such post do you?

I have also covered extensively blog promotion but let me highlights few more points that I didn’t mention

1. Create a Google Plus account and post your contents on there with links back to your blog/website

This is very important and could rank your blog on the first page if you target keywords with very little competition. I have found a good number of blogs on the first page when I search on google sometimes. This was only possible through their google plus account. So do not underestimate the power of this social media platform. Create an account today(if you do not have one already) write a post with your targeted keyword and link back to your site.

2.Join active Facebook groups and participate in their daily activities.

This is my killer strategy to driving traffic to my blog or post. It has proven particularly useful and resourceful to me. You can join couple of Facebook groups related to your niche. I will give you a few list of some of which I’m a member.

These groups are 100% active and the members participate in every trend (it’s mandatory)

What You Will Benefit By Joining These Groups

  • You will be able to grow your various social media accounts with target audience
  • More twitter followers: I was able to grow my twitter followers from 72 to 304 followers with this method.
  • More Facebook fan page likes: My page grew from less than 50 to over 180 likes (that’s like 100% increase and still counting)
  • The activity and engagement on my Facebook fan page increased
  • You can grow your Pinterest, Google Plus followers
  • I get tons of traffic to any blog post I promote on these platforms ( this can increase your AdSense and affiliate earnings)

So here are few Facebook group you could join (just search for them )

  • Blogger Insights
  • Crazy For Blogging
  • Bloggers Supporting Bloggers
  • Bridging Blogs Network
  • Blogging Boost and lots more…

You can contact me for more groups…

You Should Spy On Your Competitors

Do this if you truly want to enhance your Google ranking. If your competitors are ranking higher (which they are), best practice is to spy on them. You can learn, enhance and perhaps copy their strategy(not recommended lol)

You can use Google keyword planner to achieve this because it gives an accurate estimate of your competitor’s keyword targets

For instance, let’s say you are in the business  niche

A good and authority blog you can spy on is

Here Is How To Spy On Your Competitor Using Google Keyword Planner

You will see the keywords that your competitor is targeting.

google ranking


This works for any niche and can help you uncover hidden keywords that will help improve your ranking.


Well these things I mentioned above are some of the things I do (Although not too often yet) that has helped me improve my Google ranking (imagine when I start doing it consistently what the results would be)

So, therefore, I beseech you to please practice these tips and watch your Google ranking increase in due time. Furthermore you can hire an seo expert for as low as $5, check out the offers on seoclerk now

(by the way that’s an affiliate link, but this doesn’t change the price in anyway)

However, if you have any tips to enhance website google ranking, please share in the comment box below

Thanks for reading and please do share this content with your friends if you found it useful.


But before you leave

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I Will Send You 10 Strategic Ways To Grow Your Blog And Teach You SEO Strategies

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  1. Much goes into a solid Google ranking and as much as many of us bloggers get annoyed with Google, we cannot ignore its significance. You offer solid advice for promoting your blog and moving higher in the Google rankings list

    1. Hey Bryan, I agree with you completely

      It’s imperative we put search engine traffic and ranking into consideration when we wrote our post

      Organic traffic remains the best form of traffic

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