Create And Run A Successful Blog With These 5 Powerful Tips

Today I’m going to share with you a few blogging tips on how you can sky rocket your blogging career. First I will like to correct this notion that “blogging is all about writing”. Blogging is more than just writing. No matter how much you write or for how long you been writing, if no one knows your blog, it is simply a waste of time and resources (in my opinion).

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Blogs spring up every day. We have millions of them all over the world. So, to make it in blogging, you’ve got to ensure your blog is known and adds value to your readers.

There are many ways you can do it which I will be sharing with you. So I have prepared these blogging tips to guide you.

Before I proceed further, let me give us a clear difference between blogging and writing (freelancing)

  • In blogging there is need for you to tend to a varieties of important factors and you have to be able to deal with the many and various management skills of a blogger whereas freelance writing is a more simple process.
  • In freelance writing, you don’t make money when you are not writing, but the money making opportunities in blogging is limitless.

5 Blogging Tips To Run A Successful Blog

Running and managing a blog can be very difficult task and sometimes frustrating especially after chunking a killer content on your blog and yet there are no visitors. So it’s imperative you do some tasks daily in other to get your contents to the right audience.

So without wasting much of your time, below are the blogging tips I prepared after my research.

1. Choose A Niche And Be Dedicated To It

It’s true following practical tips does drive some results. However the passion and dedication behind your blog would indicate if you succeed or fail in the long run.

Furthermore establishing yourself as an expert in your blog niche can help increase your blog audience/readers some of whom might be influential bloggers.

The more readers and influencers connect with you, your brand will become a reliable source of information as your enthusiasm and passion will be felt by them.

Ways To Develop Your Blogging Passion

  • Blog about what you can talk about all day long, make it fun while you blog (blog your passion).
  • Don’t blog for money(this will kill your vibe when the money isn’t coming)
  • Surround yourself with passionate and fun loving and dedicated bloggers
  • You should spend at least 20-30mins daily working on your mindset
  • Do not over work yourself, you should take regular breaks
  • Lastly, I recommend you follow the 5 hour rule (something I recently learn’t) to build top notch expertise for your blog.

2. Write Contents That Adds Value To Your Audience And Update Your Blog Regularly

You should write contents that adds value to your target audience. However, writing good contents isn’t just enough as you will find out later on.

Additionally. You have to regularly update your blog as this plays a vital role from SEO and readers point of view. Your blog readers expects to see recently published contents on your blog. So give them what they want by regularly publishing good and awesome contents as often as you can.

Furthermore, it will enhance your blog indexing opportunities as search engines are always look out for fresh contents to crawl on your blog.

Depending on your blog niche and schedule, you could publish daily or weekly.

3. Optimize Your Blog, Contents And Images.

One of the blogging tips I want to talk about is the one that can help you appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

You will have a lot of readers to your blog if you are listed in the search engines for the keywords related to your blog.

Mind you, you can’t just appear in the search engines. You have to carry out some tasks to appear high on the list result on the engine. So, the way of ensuring that appearance is what we call search engine optimization (SEO).

To get visitors from search engines, you must know a lot about SEO(or at least understand the basics) -. Whatever you know about it will help you in blogging. You must do proper keyword research with these free Google tools as well.

For instance, to rank in Google, you must know a lot about their ranking factors. Google makes use of a lot of ranking factors so as to ensure they deliver relevant search to searchers.

These guys, search engines, are so good at ranking billions of web pages. You can’t outsmart them. The best way to satisfy them is simply to write consistently, original post, and optimize your blog.

More so, to get visitors from search engine, you must be listed on the front page for your keyword because most people don’t check the websites listed on other pages apart from the first page.

So, you must be prepared. To appear on the first page, you will have to compete with thousands, if not millions, of blogs. To compete with the other websites, you must be able to optimize your blog very well. That is why I said blogging is more than just writing.

Mind you, if you focus too much on search engines, it will affect your blog content. If you are not careful, it will appear overtime, that you are not writing for human.


Do not stuff keywords

Some bloggers repeat keywords that they want to rank for in such a way that it is obvious that they are after ranking in the search engine without putting readers into consideration.

So, you have to be careful not to lose readers in the hope of getting them. Readers hate content meant only for the search engine.

In fact, Google doesn’t like bloggers writing in a way that displeases readers because your readers are their searchers. Once they figure out you are just stuffing keywords in your post beyond the required limit, they de-index you, more or less like removing your  blog from their search engine.

More so, if you are not ranking for any keyword, they will ensure you don’t rank for any.

In addition, it is imperative you must optimize the images on your blog. Most search engines have image search which shows images instead of words when people are searching for an image on a particular keyword.

To be precise, Google has image search. This image search is as popular as the word search. Bloggers and other webmasters insert pictures in their post. Most times, they look for pictures that are relevant to their post.

Of course, you know Google is good at giving searchers relevant searches. The same concept they use for word search is the same concept they are using for image search.

So, optimize all the images on your blog post by titling them with the keyword you want them to be ranked for.

By so doing, you will be ranked for some keywords. If you are not ranked in word search, you will be ranked in image search.


4. Promote Your Blog

Like I mentioned earlier, writing quality contents isn’t just enough, you have to promote your blog to get it to the right audience. Social shares and page views won’t generate itself if you just publish and sit back.

A well-known blogging fact, you need to “promote your blog” both online and offline to increase shares and domain authority.

There a couple of ways to promote your blog, which include but not limited to the following
  • Social media promotion
  • Publishing your contents and participating in forums
  • Promoting your blog with automated content pushes
  • Participating in aggregate sites
  • Adding your contents on social bookmarking sites
  • Guest posting
  • Submit your new posts to Search engines to get them indexed quickly
  • Blog commenting
  • Building email list

Social Media Promotion

You should share your contents on the various social media networks that your target audience uses. A good content deserves to be shared and the best way to do this is by sharing it with your followers.

While you do this, do not forget to add your blog link your social media profiles.

blogging tips
blogging tips

Furthermore, you should always re-share your blog posts on a timely basics as this will help increase your reach and audience.

Tip: There is need for you to review your social analytics to understand when to stop sharing certain contents

Promote Your Blog With Automated Pushes

Although email marketing remains one of the best blogging tips every blogger should consider, it’s imperative you build your email list. However there are still some of your blog readers who just won’t subscribe.

Now for you to get your content in front of them, you may try a less intrusive approach push notification. A push notification sends your blog readers real-time update on their browser once you publish a new content. Here at blogginglodge, I use OneSignal

blogging tips
blogging tips

Additionally, you can also promote your blog in an automated fashion using RSS feeds. Good news is for WordPress bloggers, you already have an RSS feed for your blog posts. All you have to do is to add “/feed” to the very end of your root domain for your WordPress blog.  E.g

This will generate your RSS feed which you can send out to your email subscribers or even share on social medias. You can use Feedly to generate RSS feeds for your blog as well.

Blog Commenting

A lot of bloggers tends to ignore this great traffic generation technique. You should Google the keyword you are using in your blog post, look at the top results, read the posts related to yours, and write a comment about what you liked and possibly what you disagree on(with reasons). You can then give more information with a link back to your content.

blogging tips
One of my blog comments (blogging tips)

Additionally, you can use ahrefs checker to check out what content is popular in your niche and then get in touch with the authors.

 Find And Participate In Aggregate Sites

For those who do not know what an aggregate site is, just think of them as a place to go for information related to a specific topic from many different sources.

You should share your contents to help your community with similar interest.

Below are some of the sites you could use to additionally promote your blog

  • Reddit
  • Product Hunt: For new product content
  • Tribler: Blogging
  • Boxnutt
  • BizSugar: finance, management, technology, small business marketing, and startups.
  • Hackers News

Publish Your Contents And Participate In Forums

I want to emphasise on the importance of re-publishing parts of your contents on popular forums like Nairaland and WarriorForum, answering questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers etc. this will not only help you generate more traffic to your blog/content especially when your post makes the front page but also gives you quality backlinks to your blog.

You can simply find forums related to your niche with this simple search algorithm

intitle: forum + [your niche keyword] )blogging tips


Prosperity Kenneth of cybergeaks published a post on top 5 forums in Nigeria

 Get Your Blog On Social Bookmarking Sites

It’s no doubt some internet users prefer to find certain information and contents through popular social bookmarking sites. So you can take advantage of this by submitting your blog url to popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Alltop, StumbleUpon etc so other people who are interested in such/certain contents find yours.

Submit Your New Posts To Search Engines  To Get Your Them Indexed Quickly.

A great way to do this is first to add your blog to google webmaster tool. It’ll generate a sitemap to help Google index your new blog posts.

Then follow this link to add your new post for quick indexing

blogging tips
blogging tips

Alternatively, you can use Ping-O-Matic to enter in your new blog post URL and choose which search engines you’d like to notify. It’s that easy to get the search engine robots over to your blog


blogging tips
pingo-matic blogging tips


Guest Posting

The last part I want to cover on how to promote your blog is guest posting.

One of the fastest ways to grow your blog is by writing for other people’s blogs; How it works? Good question, you can look for authoritative blogs in your niche and write a detailed article for that blog. You’ll be allowed to have a detailed bio that includes a link to your site in your guest post. This can result not only in a lot of traffic for you but also gives you a backlink with perfect link juice.

 5. Engage With Your Audience and Build A Friend Network

Prosper Noah of tipsonblogging never stops emphasizing on the importance of building a friend network. The opportunities it offers are limitless. For instance, you could mention an influencer’s in your blog post and then inform them about and ask for possible social media shares.

Furthermore, if the quality of your content matches or exceeds the content from your competitors,

It’s absolutely a good idea to share with influencers who enjoy similar content to what you’ve created.


  • Follow them on social media
  • Share their content
  • Read their posts and add value comments.
  • Send them complimentary emails


You may use this format

Hello [title][name]

I’m [your name] from [blog name]

I wanted to say I’m a big fan of your work! I actually just mentioned you a recent post on blogginglodge and I linked to your content

[post link]

I did be honored if you checked it out and get me the quality level of this post. I think you are the right person who can get me the right feedback

Your fan

[your name]

[blog url]

[your email]


Additionally, engaging with your audience can help build your reputation and establish you as an authority in your niche.

Bonus Blogging Tips

Turn your blog posts into an in-depth Ebook.

Do you have multiple blog posts on a related topic, you can easily combine them into one in-depth ebook. You can give it away simply to establish yourself as a topical authority or use it as a content upgrade to build your mailing list, or .

You can even sell your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle store to make money.



Did you find these blogging tips useful? Over to you, which other method would you recommend to run a successful blog? Let me know in the comment box below

Thanks for reading… But before you leave

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    1. Passion is what drives you, it helps keep one inline in the long run

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    1. Hello Klaudia, first thanks for dropping by and contributing to this post.

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    1. Hello Dorkin, just ensure you help others in your post as much as possible and watch your traffic grow

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    Blogging for passion is also great and as passion converts to money so does the flame increase.

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