The Best Virtual Card To Shop Online – Barter Virtual Card For Nigerians

Barter Virtual Card

So let’s say you desire to launch your own blog, after much consideration and research, you decided to buy and host your domain on US based hosting company like Namecheap and it downed on you your Naira debit card can’t perform this transaction. How about you wanted to buy some goods online and import it to Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya etc. and still can’t find your way around this restriction placed on our debit cards?

I found a solution for you just read on …

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It’s no longer news, how difficult it’s now for us Nigerians and even some parts of Africa to buy goods from international merchant websites. This is as a result of the limitation and restriction placed on our Naira debit card. It’s getting increasingly difficult to carry out international transactions with our Naira cards.

So today I’m going to show you a secured way around these limitations: Barter Virtual Card For Nigerians that you can use to buy goods on merchant websites like AliExpress, Netflix, Spotify etc. and even buy a domain name with ease without opening a dollar account.

So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite fruit drink let’s get started….

Barter is a secure digital wallet that lets you create Instant virtual cards that can be funded from your bank account. 

Your created card is called Barter Virtual Card

The American virtual card company, Barter, has partnered with African payments company, Flutterwave, to allow users in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya shop online in dollars while funding their cards in their local currency. Barter will leverage on Flutterwave’s virtual card API and platform to allow users create an unlimited number of virtual dollar cards for single or repeat transactions.

Barter Virtual Card

Your Barter virtual cards can then be funded via local cards or direct bank transfer.

A barter virtual card is Mastercard, Visa or Verve issued, so your card(s) can be Mastercard, Visa or Verve; depending on your needs or preferences. There are no limits to how much you can fund your virtual card with, in one transaction.

Barter supports all banks and financial institutions in the US, Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria; and fund transfer is immediate.

You no longer have to be stressing yourself up and down looking for ways to shop online or even send funds to someone via PayPal.

Let me work through step by step guide on how you can create your own Barter virtual card

  1. Visit the company’s website here to create an account, click on “Signup” and then fill out the form with correct information.

Barter Virtual Card

  1. You need to activate your account with the confirmation code sent to your email or phone

3.  After confirming your account, login with your email and password

Then go to “dashboard” to check the current exchange rate

Barter Virtual Card

  1. Click on “wallet” and click “NGN” and fund your barter wallet with any of the available options

Barter Virtual Card

After clicking on MasterCard, in the next section enter the amount and click “fund your wallet”. Then  you wil               see the next screen below…

Barter Virtual Card


  1. Click on “Cards” and click on “+Virtual cards”

Barter Virtual CardFund your card with the funds in your Barter wallet

Barter Virtual Card

And that’s it… You good to go.

The cards are customized with your name, a US billing address and postal addresses. You can delete the virtual card whenever you want; and you can also create multiple cards and keep track of all of them.


Barter is still in Beta version, so it’s free. Barter is currently running a system upgrade as at the time of writing this guide. So virtual card generation by users is not possible but you can contact their support so they will help you create your card manually.


Why not enjoy this offer while it  last?

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